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Retrieve A Deployed SharePoint 2010 WSP Package

Hi all,
I was just asked to retrieve a few installed WSP packages from our SharePoint 2010 farm. Since this is not available through Central Admin I used this script to retrieve each package using SharePoint PowerShell console:

Step 1- Get a reference to your farm

$myFarm = Get-SPFarm

Step 2- Get the solution file

$solutionFile = $farm.Solutions.Item("mySolution1.wsp").SolutionFile

Step 3- Save the file on your disk

$file.SaveAs("C:\Deployed solutions\mySolution1.28Nov.wsp")

Nader Heshmat


Consolidating SharePoint 2010 Application Pools

Hi All,

SharePoint 2010 recommends maximum of 10 application pools per server. Let’s assume that you place each of your web applications in a different application pool. This will assign one instance of w3wp.exe process per application pool. Considering the fact that each of these processes will use about 100MB of your server’s memory, you might lose some performance on your server due to improper memory management.
One solution is to consolidate the App pools using PowerShell script below using dummy “SharePoint App Pool – 8000” and “http://mywebapp:8000″”http://mywebapp:8000”

$BucketAppPool = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService.ApplicationPools | where {$_.Name -eq "SharePoint App Pool - 8000" }
$webapp = get-spwebapplication -Identity "http://mywebapp:8000"
$webapp.Applicationpool = $BucketAppPool

nader Heshmat

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