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Uninstalling/Removing SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager Farm

These are the steps you would need to take to uninstall your Workflow manager 1.0:

For each node in your workflow farm:

  1. Leave the workflow farm (Remove the node from the farm using “Leave Workflow Manager Farm” option)






     2.      Uninstall the following programs in the program list in the Control Panel window, under Programs select Uninstall a Program.

  • Service Bus 1.0
  • Windows Fabric
  • Workflow Manager 1.0
  • Workflow Manager 1.0 Client


Once you are sure all nodes have left the workflow farm, you can delete below databases from you SharePoint SQL Server: (Backing them up beforehand might be a wise choice!)

  • SBMessageContainer01
  • SbGatewayDatabase
  • SBManagementDB
  • WFInstanceManagementDB
  • WFManagementDB
  • WFResourceManagementDB




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6 thoughts on “Uninstalling/Removing SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager Farm

  1. Allan on said:

    I originaly set up Workflow Manager for SP 2013 in a Pre-Production environment, since this installation the App and Web servers have been blown away for cloned ones prior to WF install.

    Now when I try to resinstall Workflow Manager I can’t as the DBs already exist. I could create new DB names but would like to stick to the defaults…

    So, my question is, can I just blow away the 6 DBs mentioned in your article, considering that I can’t uninstall anything from the SharePoint, and reinstall WF manager with the defaults?

    many thanks!

    • Hi,

      In my case I had some issues with Visual Studio 2013 and the Workflow Manager. My SharePoint server had no issue and was up and running so those were the exact steps I took to remove the Workflow Manager and ran to no issue. I was able to re-install a clean version of Workflow manager with all defaults after the fact.
      Please note that these steps will remove all the nodes and ultimately the Workflow Manager Farm itself. I also took a back up of those SQL DBs beforehand but never got back to them after the fresh install.
      There is also a PowerShell command to remove a node from Workflow Manager Farm but I did not use it in my case:
      Remove-WFHost [-WFFarmDBConnectionString ]

      Please take a look at this


  2. KClendenin on said:

    This was a helpful guide to tearing down the WF Farm I built. Thanks!

  3. Really good post . I didn’t have the workflow manager client to uninstall – not sure how significant that is tho

  4. One last thing. I was able to follow the instructions but I forgot uninstall the Service Bus CU1 and Workflow Manager 1. CU2 from the Web Platform Installer. I reinstalled Worklow Manager 1.0 ( with a different RunAs account) without any issues and WPI still indicates the all the above CUs are installed. Curious.

  5. Dear Mr. Wester,
    When you uninstall WM 1.0 it automatically remove all CUx. You need to reinstall all of them again but do not forget to restart SP server.



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