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Error: The Method “GetItems” of the type “List” with id “{Lists’s Guid}” is blocked by the administrator on the server

Hi all,

I was using SharePoint Client Object Model when I got the error above. Basically I was trying to get all items from a list using JavaScript’s get_lists function. It seems the function is inaccessible in anonymous mode. The solution is removing the function GetItems from AnonymousRestrictedTypes using PowerShell:

$web = Get-SPWebApplication -Identity http://your web address
$web.ClientCallableSettings.AnonymousRestrictedTypes.Remove( [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList],"GetItems")

and in case you change your mind later, you can addf GetItems to AnonymousRestrictedTypes using commands below:

$web = Get-SPWebApplication -Identity http://your web address
$web.ClientCallableSettings.AnonymousRestrictedTypes.Add( [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList],"GetItems")

Hope that was useful!

Nader Heshmat


Microsoft Deep Zoom


Let’s have some fun with Microsoft Deep Zoom Composer. It’s one of the fastest, smoothest, zooming technology on the Web, bringing the highest resolution images and frame rates with the lowest load times to users.

Deep Zoom also enables the display of thousands of items simultaneously, giving designers and developers new opportunities to create innovative navigation paradigms for both applications and the Web.

In order to be able to create and use this feature you will need to download “Microsoft Deep Zoom Composer”:

 Here are the steps after downloading this tool:

1) Open Deep Zoom Composer,  create a new project – I have named my project DZ_MugShots

2) Prepare your mug shots – I downloaded 90 images from internet and saved them in a local folder called MugShots

3) Click Add image and import all images from your local image folder.

4) Click Compose and drag all of the images from the Images pane onto the work space.

5) Right click on one of the images and click arrange à align à arrange into a grid

  • I aligned the 90 images into a grid with 5 rows of 18 images.

 6) Click Export pane and set the following settings.

  • Output type: Silverlight Deep Zoom
  • Name: DZ_MugShots
  • Export options: Export as a collection (multiple images)
  • Templates: Deep Zoom Navigation (Default)

7) Click Export

8) The project will create all required files under ….\DZ_MugShots\Exported Data\dz_mugshots

9) Note that the generated XAP file can be easily placed inside a web part and be added to a SharePoint page

10) Click test.html and it will open the generated Silverlight component in browser

Nader Heshmat

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